Product Information: Victron Inverter/Chargers

Inverter/Charger Datasheets: 

MultiPlus 500VA-1600VA 

MultiPlus 800VA-5000VA


MultiPlus-II GX


EasyPlus 1600VA


Quattro 3kVA - 10kVA



EasySolar 1600VA



Multi RS Solar

Multi RS Solar Dual Tracker


Inverter/Charger Certificates:

Declaration of Conformity - MultiPlus 500VA - 2000VA

Declaration of Conformity - MultiPlus Compact 500VA - 2000VA

Declaration of Conformity - MultiPlus 2kVA - 5kVA

Declaration of Conformity - MultiPlus-II (GX) 3kVA, 5kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA


Declaration of Conformity - EasyPlus


Declaration of Conformity - Quattro & Quattro-II


Declaration of Conformity - EasySolar

Declaration of Conformity - EasySolar-II GX


Declaration of Conformity - Interfaces


Certificate ESS EN/IEC 62109-1/62109-2/AS 62477.1/AS/NZS 4777.2 MultiPlus-II (GX) 3k & 5k

Certificate & addendum ESS EN/IEC 62109-1/62109-2/AS 62040.1/AS/NZS 4777.2 MultiPlus-II (GX) 3k & 5k

Certificate Safety IEC 62109-1 - AS/NZS - MultiPlus 3kVA, 5kVA & Quattro 3kVA up to 15kVA & addenda


Certificate IEC 62040-1 and AS/NZS4777.2 - Quattro 48/8000/110, 48/10000/140, 48/15000/200


MultiPlus Manuals:

MultiPlus 500VA - 1200VA

MultiPlus 1600VA

MultiPlus Compact 12/24V 800VA, 1200VA, 1600VA 230V

MultiPlus Compact 12/24V 2000VA 230V

MultiPlus 3k 230V - 16A 50A

MultiPlus 5k 100A 230V


MultiPlus 2kVA 230V (HTML5)


EasyPlus 1600VA 230V


MultiPlus-II Manuals:

MultiPlus-II 230V (HTML5)

MultiPlus-II GX (HTML5)


Quattro Manuals:

Quattro 3k 50-50A 230V (firmware xxxx4xx)

Quattro 5k 8k 10k 15k 100-100A 230V (firmware xxxx4xx)

Quattro-II (HTML5)


EasySolar Manuals:

EasySolar 12V & 24V, 1600VA

EasySolar-II GX (HTML5)


Multi RS Manuals:

Multi RS Solar (HTML5)

VictronConnect Manual (HTML5)

Additional Guides for MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, EasySolar & Quattro:

Automatic Generator start-stop (HTML5)

Energy Storage System (HTML5)

VictronConnect configuration guide for VE.Bus products (HTML5)

Connecting other lithium battery systems to Multis and Quattros

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