Balmar MC-614 12V Alternator Voltage Regulator

Balmar MC-614 12V Alternator Voltage Regulator

  • $542.00

This item is no longer available and has been replaced with the MC-618.

Balmar MC-614 12V Multi-stage Alternator Voltage Regulator

  • 8 Selectable Programs for Marine Batteries (including LiFePO4)
  • 15 Amp Maximum Field Current
  • Advanced Programming Modes
  • Alternator & Battery Temperature Sensing & Control (temp sensors optional)
  • Exclusive Belt Load Manager Function
  • Bright LED Display and Easy Programming Mode
  • Can be Used in Twin-Engine Applications with Centerfielder II

Alternator temp sensor: MC-TS-A

Battery temp sensor: MC-TS-B

12V Multi stage regulator, Datasheet: Balmar Max Charge MC-614 Regulator